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Boutique CIO Savary: government debt has no value at all

VIDEO: Investment veteran Francois Savary is holding firm to his gold positions but believes fixed income is turning into a fruitless hunting ground.

A-rated energy manager: prepare sub-sector strategies

VIDEO: Oil price governs the industry, says Richard Robinson, so know where to go when there is a sudden shift.

Bond market ‘air pockets’ make cash cushion a must, multi-asset chief says

VIDEO: David Vickers is keeping his powder dry to respond to increased reflexivity caused by nervous investors, particularly in bonds.

Fidelity’s Bateman: my biggest lesson of the year so far

VIDEO: The firm’s CIO for multi-asset investing discusses the challenges seen in 2016 and what to look out for over the next year

Chai House Chat: Asia’s ‘unrecognised’ growth story revealed

VIDEO: Citywire A-rated Mike Sell explains why fears surrounding China’s property market are overblown.

Chai House Chat: why there's never been this much risk

VIDEO: Rathbones' head of multi-asset investments explains why he is holding large amounts of cash in his fund.

I'm a fan of Brexit, says real estate specialist's CIO

VIDEO: Cohen & Steers' Joe Harvey believes Britain's long-term prospects are good as long as it continues to make smart policy decisions.

There is always cause for concern in China, says A-rated Nøddekær

VIDEO: Nordea’s Citywire A-rated manager Jorry Nøddekær reveals how he is playing China’s new and old economy.

The EM mega-trends you need to know

VIDEO: Citywire + rated Sammy Suzuki says volatility is here to stay and there could be room in the market for so-called ‘copycat’ companies.

Chai House Chat: why banks have never looked cheaper

VIDEO: Stuart Mitchell explains why banks in Europe present opportunities for investors despite fears over the sector.