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Global equity star reveals top tipple for EM access

VIDEO: Artisan Partners’ Jim Hamel names his best in-direct way of tapping developing world growth.

How index providers are disrupting frontier markets

VIDEO: Franklin Templeton's Carlos Hardenberg reveals the frontier markets that are overlooked by investors.

Twitter, data & sporting success: Citywire Montreux 2017 on film

VIDEO: How the changing shape of communications is impacting investment, politics and sport.

AA-rated multi-asset manager: the 'terrible' asset to avoid

VIDEO: Newton IM’s Paul Flood is looking to more innovative areas for yield.

Danger of data fuelling fear and what must change

MONTREUX: Stats can be manipulated, so transparency must improve, says data scientist.

Why both sides of Brexit talks must drop ‘us vs. them’ view

MONTREUX: Former EU ambassador and Prime Minister of Ireland offers his insider insights.

Hugh Young video exclusive: active engagement in the age of passive

The EM veteran talks outflows, Chinese governance and his hopes for the soon to be created Scottish powerhouse, Standard Aberdeen.

The oil-resilient bond bet to back in GCC

VIDEO: Regional expert on picking winners amid a quickly-changing commodity price backdrop.

The CEO tapes: Brexit won’t lead to mass exodus of PMs

The British government needs to clarify its relationship with fund management but top talent won’t depart, say execs.

The CEO tapes: ‘Firms don’t go bust, they become irrelevant’

What is driving the urge to merge? Our panel of top execs clash over consolidation.