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Fidelity fixed income CIO: sovereign debt still has a role to play

VIDEO: How unloved – and low-yielding – government debt can help investors.

A-rated manager: central bankers are now 'TV superstars'

VIDEO: Martin Horne discusses contrarian calls and how much - or little - central bankers should be heard.

Two strategies to improve YOUR trustworthiness

GSTAAD 2017: British statistician says companies must aspire to be trustworthy without mistaking it for unnecessary transparency.

How EM growth will render Europe an ‘old people’s museum’

VIDEO: EM insider tells Citywire Switzerland 2017 that investors need to consider an even longer investment horizon.

A-rated manager reveals top 'hidden value' stock

VIDEO: Newton IM’s Robert Marshall-Lee names potential long-term winners in the emerging world.

A-rated CIO: the pain of ECB tapering is going to be extreme

VIDEO: Rubrics AM’s Steve O’Hanlon says the sooner the ECB tapers the better.

Pimco’s Balls: the risk scenario all bond investors need to know

VIDEO: Citywire + rated manager questions credibility of ECB and raises concerns over longer-term plans.

AA-rated manager: why I sold out of Pakistan

VIDEO: Oliver Bell believes conditions in Pakistan harmed the country's stock market shortly before it was upgraded.

Pimco’s Balls reveals ‘innovative’ additions to $9bn bond fund

VIDEO: Liquidity remains a key concern but the US house’s global bonds CIO is looking for new ideas.

It’s time to pile in to European equities, says AA-rated PM

PineBridge Investments’ Graeme Bencke says he is focusing on Europe in his global equities portfolio.