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New approaches to global equities

VIDEO: Leading investors and experts discuss how asset allocators can cope with the current low growth environment.   

Manager focus: GEMs money makers and top performers

VIDEO: In-depth insight into fund managers providing stand-out performance in an increasingly diverging sector.      

JPM’s Gartside reveals bond investors’ two ‘big enemies’

VIDEO: The industry veteran believes duration is an investors’ friend in the current central bank-led market.

Investors are embedding risk, says AAA-rated HY star

VIDEO: Mike Della Vedova thinks investors are not taking the lack of liquidity of the bond market into account.

Trump cards: how top PMs are playing political risk

Citywire travelled to the west coast of the USA to find out how some of country's top portfolio managers were positioned for fallouts from the US election and Brexit.

NB veteran makes major shift into ‘safe’ HY

VIDEO: Andrew Johnson buys is upping exposure to European bonds to take advantage of deflationary fears feeding through.

Hard currency calls: where investors should avoid

VIDEO: NNIP's Marco Ruijer talks about why he's stocking up on Argentina but steering clear of plenty of other regions.

Manager focus: alpha hunters in UK equity all-caps

VIDEO: In-depth insight into fund managers providing stand-out performance in a much-followed investment sector.    

Fantasy FoFs: Q1 results get competition off to dramatic start

First quarter analysis reveals a 40% swing in our international editors' fortunes as they try their hand at asset allocation.

Euro income star: why I ended my two year telecos aversion

Citywire A-rated Victoria Leggett believes companies are proving more incentivised and becoming more cash generative.