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Taxi Talk: Fidelity’s Bateman names crowded trades to steer clear of

VIDEO: AM giant’s head of portfolio management gives a sneak peek into his selection strategy and current thinking.

A-rated Winkelmann: this is the age of high conviction

The European equity veteran believes the current market’s risk/reward dynamics strongly favour a concentrated approach.

Boutique CIO names top stocks taking a bite out of FANGs

VIDEO: Veteran investor Bill Smead is focusing his value approach on established names holding their own against the ‘hype’ stocks.

Turning back time: Citywire Montreux 2016 on film

VIDEO: From the rise and fall of FIFA’s bosses to the ‘sneaker head’ revolution, our three-day Swiss event covered all the bases.

Running to returns: how sneakers could signal a stock market shift

VIDEO: Self-confessed 'sneaker head' Josh Luber reveals how limited edition shoes show how all commerce can be securitised.

FIFA, Panama Papers…and what everyone’s getting wrong

VIDEO: Investigative reporter Jeffrey Robinson reveals how major corruption scandals are being mishandled and what to expect next.

How corporate debt will cause a new Chinese financial crisis

VIDEO: Regional expert and economist Linda Yueh thinks one of the biggest problems facing China is the 'middle income trap'.

CoCos aren’t loco but good carry call, says Vontobel star

VIDEO: Citywire AA-rated manager Mondher Bettaieb believes markets have misunderstood problems and backs peripherals to power on.

New approaches to global equities

VIDEO: Leading investors and experts discuss how asset allocators can cope with the current low growth environment.   

Manager focus: GEMs money makers and top performers

VIDEO: In-depth insight into fund managers providing stand-out performance in an increasingly diverging sector.