The single biggest influence on risk asset returns is President Donald Trump and the uncertainty surrounding his leadership, according to investors at BNY Mellon’s 2017 investment conference in London.

When polled on what would be the biggest risk on returns, 36% of delegates said Trump, which was closely followed by 24% of investors who said unexpected political noise would have the biggest impact.

Oil also made the list with 18% of votes, while 14% said risks emanating from China were still a key concern.

Despite a recent snap election from UK Prime Minister Theresa May, only 7% of attendees said Brexit was a risk. The remaining 1% voted that Russia was the biggest challenge for risk asset returns.

When polled on which location would benefit from Brexit, 47% of investors said London would be the main beneficiary of the deal, remaining one of the biggest financial hubs in the world.

This is while 37% said Frankfurt and Luxembourg would benefit from the deal, as asset management firms looks to relocate their businesses to other European cities.

Just 10% of investors quizzed said New York would benefit, followed by 6% for Hong Kong and Singapore.

Elsewhere, when quizzed on the global asset class which would offer the best risk-adjusted returns for 2017, 36% of investors said income-producing equities.

Emerging market debt (17%) and blue chip equities (14%) were closely matched, while 9% of investors voted gold as having the biggest risk-adjusted returns.

Inflation-linked bonds, property and corporate bonds received 7% of votes, leaving sovereign bonds with just 3% of votes.

Absolute return piqued the interest of investors at the conference with 31% of investors voting the asset class as the most intriguing.

This is while infrastructure products received 22% of the votes, traditional multi-asset 20%, private equity 17%, loans 8% and funds of hedge funds 2%.