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Tatjana Greil Castro - Latest News

Long on bonds: short-term credit stars revealed

VIDEO: Citywire Investment Research compares the biggest player and the best performer.

Top bond managers reveal pre-French election playbooks

As noise around the French election gets louder, leading lights in fixed income reveal what approach to take.

Short-term stars: three most consistent Euro bond managers

Citywire Global uncovers the trio of bond specialists outperforming the average manager in each of the past five years.

Short-term stand-outs: the most consistent managers revealed

Citywire Global uncovers the three European short-term bond managers who have made a habit of long-term outperformance.

Junk bond jewels: what the top Euro HY managers are holding

We've scoured the factsheets to uncover the high-yield corporate bonds the world's best fund managers are backing.

Battle of the balance sheets: are selectors buying into the cash-rich trend?

As companies compete against each other to build cash assets, we ask fund selectors how they are capitalising on this trend.

High hopes: sector specialists on the outlook for high yield

Fixed income managers trade views on how QE will impact issuance and where the real competition is coming from.

The €106bn question: are you ready for a HY shake up?

Leading bond managers say further downgrades in Italy and Spain could lead to raft of new issuers entering the high yield market with huge ramifications for its investors.

Quirky indicators: 6 unusual ways managers track the market

In a light-hearted look at market metrics, Citywire Global has canvassed the industry to find out some of the more offbeat economic measures in use by fund managers.

Mandarine manager: why we are sticking with the eurozone

Small and mid-cap equity specialist Diane Bruno reveals exciting opportunities in Italy, Spain and Portugal.