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Passive Beat

JPM AM bolsters ETFs remit with new hires

Asset management firm continues passives build out with trio of new recruits.

What ‘algorithm aversion’ means for fund selectors

Quant-trained market specialist Elisabetta Basilico looks at why people don’t trust machine-led decision-making.

UBS AM launches gender equality Ucits ETF

Asset management firm announced the launch of new global gender equality ETF.

Selector reveals why ETF use is on the rise

CAT Financial’s Hans-Peter Kellenberger reveals where he thinks passive funds are most effective.

Davide Serra: why we love passives

Boutique founder on the growing adaptability of ETFs.

The five best equities ETFs markets to choose for 2018

The bull market still looks intact, so here’s a guide for low-cost passive investors to invest in 2018

Why are fixed income ETFs so far behind equities?

Less choice, smaller assets, little innovation. Why do fixed income passives lag their equities counterparts so badly?

A new passive approach to track earnings momentum

Will the Big Mo switch from price to earnings in 2018? A new ETF is betting on it

If passive is all about low cost, why isn’t smart beta cheaper?

Plain vanilla ETFs are in a fee race to the bottom. Smart beta funds? Not so fast.

ETFs are the way to go, says selector

Corpia Group’s Andrej Lippay gives his views on the growing passive fund’s market.