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Jian Shi Cortesi - Latest News

AAA-rated PM: why I’m backing China’s tech giants

GAM’s Jian Shi Cortesi says there is still value to be had in China’s biggest tech names.

Liquor leader proves sweet tonic for AA-rated Cortesi

China equity specialist’s best contrarian bet taps into quality shift.

AAA-rated manager names the key sector for Chinese demand

GAM's Jian Shi Cortesi is steering clear of state-owned enterprises despite their attractive prices.

AAA-rated star: the lessons learned from my early mistakes

China expert discusses harsh experience and why she fears many investors are repeating her folly.

AA-rated manager reveals the Chinese sector in rude health

VIDEO: GAM's Jian Shi Cortesi says investors can benefit from the rise of dental care and online health platforms in China.

AA-rated Cortesi: why global tech firms fail in China

GAM's China equity specialist says investors need to understand cultural differences to capture IT industry growth.

Uncovering the China champions: top group revealed

With Chinese investment once again in the headlines, Citywire Investment Research shines a light on the top-performing group in its equity market.

A-shares inclusion in MSCI index: six top managers' predictions

With the index provider set to decide whether to reshape the EM index, Citywire Selector asked leading managers on how to play this potential change.

China set for new stimulus surge, say two top managers

A-rated Jian Shi Cortesi and HSBC GAM's head of China equities are looking to tap into expansionary fiscal policy in China following its 12th National People's Congress.

Year of the Monkey: five themes to follow in China’s New Year

Sector specialists at Swiss group GAM  look at the potential problems and successes facing the country in 2016.