Portfolio manager Audrey Bacrot has left Amiral Gestion after just nine-months at the French boutique and re-joined her former employer Stanwahr, it has been confirmed.

The formerly Citywire AAA-rated manager joined Amiral Gestion in May 2017 as an analyst and specialised manager focussing on listed European small and mid caps.

In doing so, she left Stanwahr, which oversees the Indépendence et Expansion fund range, after six years with the group.

During her first stint, Bacrot co-ran the boutique’s flagship small-cap fund, Indépendance et Expansion.

This was alongside company founder and CEO William Higgons, who is Citywire AAA-rated.

Upon leaving her position at Amiral Gestion, Bacrot has stepped down to once again take up her former role of fund manager, co-managing the fund with Higgons.

During her absence, Stanwahr onboarded two new managers, including William Higgons’ son Victor Higgons and portfolio manager Arthur Marle.

Independence et Expansion is a Sicav run by Stanwahr, which is a subsidiary of Evalfi. Evalfi is a research and investment company and an in-direct owner of the asset manager.