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Eric Lonergan - Latest News

Global macro outperformer: markets are crying wolf

M&G’s Eric Lonergan says investors and commentators seem to be in denial.

AA-rated duo: stop waiting for the next 'horrible event'

M&G’s David Fishwick and Eric Lonergan say the world is too pessimistic about markets.

A-rated global macro duo: how to change investor perceptions

M&G’s David Fishwick and Eric Lonergan highlight their best global macro bets.

The newly-rated Alt Ucits managers you need to know

Citywire Investment Research rounds up the fund managers posting the strongest performances over the past month.

Top of the pops: what Trump’s win means for populism

The surge of the surprise candidate could create opportunities for single-issue and fringe parties to gain further ground.

Trump wins: top bond and equity managers react

Citywire Selector has collated views of leading investors in the immediate aftermath of the US Election result

Timing is overrated, says M&G equities chief

M&G’s equities chief David Fishwick explains how being primed to respond to market-moving events gives his global macro fund the edge.

M&G’s macro chief ramps up equities amid ‘aggressive’ shift

David Fishwick increase exposure in Alt Ucits fund while adopting significant short stance on short-dated US treasuries.

French successor drops €1.2bn fund to focus on M&G Global Basics

Asset manager hands UK-domiciled strategy to head of multi-asset investing as part of plan to allow greater focus on fund inherited from Graham French.

Global macro master: top manager over the past 12 months revealed

Citywire Global takes a closer look at the Alt Ucits specialist posting nearly double the return of his nearest peer over the past year.