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Douglas Peebles - Latest News

Three frontrunners in global bonds revealed

Citywire Investment Research shines a light on the standout stars in the sector.

The five biggest cross-border funds: growth and performance review

Citywire Selector runs the rule over the biggest players to see whether flows have stayed strong since our last analysis.

Dollar sell-off could force Fed’s hand, warns veteran Peebles

CIO for fixed income at AB says Trump victory could lead central bank to act quicker than markets are expecting.

Manager focus: the biggest money-makers in bonds over Q3

VIDEO: Citywire Investment Research runs the rule over the fund managers attracting most net new flows over the past three months.

How much cash the biggest funds in the world are holding

Citywire Selector delves into the data sheets to uncover how much capital the largest cross-border players are keeping in reserve.

Manager focus: the leading lights in European bonds

VIDEO: In-depth insight into fund managers providing stand-out performance in the European bonds sector.

Six takeaways from 2015 bond investors should keep an eye on

Citywire + rated, Douglas Peebles outlines what fixed income investors should learn from this year's challenges.

Five ways to stay afloat amid bond market illiquidity

AB’s fixed income chief Douglas Peebles and Citywire AA-rated Ashish Shah on how to avoid being caught out by drying up liquidity.

Heavy hitters in HY: top US managers of the past three years

Citywire Global takes a closer look at which fixed income specialists have stood-out in the turbulent sector.

Fed should have already started rate hikes, says $21bn HY manager

AB’s Gershon Distenfeld says the continuation of the current monetary policy may pave the way for potential asset bubbles.