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Citywire Asia Selector: Power players in Asia Pacific Fund selection

The ability to move wealth and break with tradition. The influence to affect market trends and the courage to back a gifted outsider.

This is the skill set of the people who wield power in Asia’s rapidly growing fund selection community.

The centre of gravity in economics and politics is shifting east but we live in an increasingly integrated world. Investment borders are collapsing, the age of siloed information is over.

Europe wants access to Asia. Asia wants access to Europe. Fund selection today is all about exchange.

The seamless exchange of ideas, strategies and expertise across international knowledge hubs will be key in securing the future success of this industry.

And it’s well underway in both Hong Kong and Singapore. No longer investment outposts, we meet some of the people working in these cities who are at the forefront of the movement to hear their personal perspectives and sneak a peek at the future.

Amy Williams, Editor

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