BNP Paribas Asset Management has combined its quant and multi-asset operations to create a new investment arm, the company has announced.

The Multi-Asset, Quantitative and Solutions (MAQS) investment group aims to help meet the growing needs of investors seeking innovative solutions, in an environment of uncertainty and polarising demand between low-cost management products.

MAQS is built around the French firm's range of investment products and solutions which sit within multi-asset, structured and quantitative management.

The team will be led by Denis Panel and will aim to offer ‘quantamental’ management, combining expertise with fundamental research capabilities. The new group will also aim to meet investors’ requirements when it comes to ESG criteria.

The multi-asset part of the group will be led by Christophe Moulin, while the quantitative and index-based management arm will be led by Isabelle Bourcier.

Structured investments will be led by Gilles David, while solutions and client advisory will be led by Aton Wouters.

Commenting on the new group, Panel said: ‘In a changing world, investors are seeking investment solutions that better address their specific needs.

‘Our ‘quantamental’ approach combines the best of quantitative and fundamental techniques to offer our clients innovative investment solutions backed by robust risk management.’