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Torgeir Høien

Torgeir Høien

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About Torgeir Høien

Torgeir Høien was born in Stavanger, Norway in 1962 and, after a year as a visiting student at New York University, graduated from the University of Oslo with an MSc in Economics in 1988. He began his career in 1988 as a high school teacher. From 1989 he helped build up Sonans, the largest Norwegian chain of commercial high schools. He quit as CEO of Sonans in 2001 to co-found the software company Logometrica. In 1998 he joined the executive board of Norges Bank as an external member. In 2004 he worked at Handelsbanken, as their senior economist in Oslo. Torgeir joined SKAGEN in 2005 and since September 2006 has managed SKAGEN Tellus, a global sovereign bond fund where his main investment strategy is to use macroeconomics and extensive analysis and proprietary research tools to identify undervalued bonds and currencies. Torgeir’s interests outside of fund management include skiing, literature and the cinema and theatre.

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Funds Managed
  1. SKAGEN Tellus A NOK NOK

Citywire Rating: Not Rated


  • MNot rated in Mar 2010
  • ANot rated in Apr 2010
  • MNot rated in May 2010
  • JNot rated in Jun 2010
  • JNot rated in Jul 2010
  • ANot rated in Aug 2010
  • SNot rated in Sep 2010
  • ONot rated in Oct 2010
  • NNot rated in Nov 2010
  • DNot rated in Dec 2010


  • JNot rated in Jan 2011
  • FNot rated in Feb 2011
  • MNot rated in Mar 2011
  • ANot rated in Apr 2011
  • MNot rated in May 2011
  • JNot rated in Jun 2011
  • JNot rated in Jul 2011
  • ANot rated in Aug 2011
  • SNot rated in Sep 2011
  • ONot rated in Oct 2011
  • NRated A in Nov 2011
  • DRated A in Dec 2011


  • JNot rated in Jan 2012
  • FRated A in Feb 2012
  • MRated AA in Mar 2012
  • ARated A in Apr 2012
  • MRated A in May 2012
  • JNot rated in Jun 2012
  • JNot rated in Jul 2012
  • ANot rated in Aug 2012
  • SNot rated in Sep 2012
  • ONot rated in Oct 2012
  • NNot rated in Nov 2012
  • DNot rated in Dec 2012


  • JNot rated in Jan 2013
  • FRated A in Feb 2013
  • MRated A in Mar 2013
  • ARated A in Apr 2013
  • MRated A in May 2013
  • JRated A in Jun 2013
  • JRated A in Jul 2013
  • ARated A in Aug 2013
  • SRated A in Sep 2013
  • ORated A in Oct 2013
  • NRated A in Nov 2013
  • DRated A in Dec 2013


  • JRated A in Jan 2014
  • FRated Plus in Feb 2014
  • MRated A in Mar 2014
  • ARated A in Apr 2014
  • MRated A in May 2014
  • JRated A in Jun 2014
  • JRated AA in Jul 2014
  • ARated AA in Aug 2014
  • SRated AA in Sep 2014
  • ORated AA in Oct 2014
  • NRated AA in Nov 2014
  • DRated AA in Dec 2014


  • JRated AA in Jan 2015
  • FRated AA in Feb 2015
  • MRated AA in Mar 2015
  • ARated AA in Apr 2015
  • MRated AA in May 2015
  • JRated AA in Jun 2015
  • JRated A in Jul 2015
  • ARated A in Aug 2015
  • SRated A in Sep 2015
  • ORated Plus in Oct 2015
  • NRated Plus in Nov 2015
  • DNot rated in Dec 2015


  • JNot rated in Jan 2016
  • FNot rated in Feb 2016
  • MNot rated in Mar 2016
  • ANot rated in Apr 2016
  • MNot rated in May 2016


Bonds - Global
over : 30/04/2015 - 30/04/2016
Rank 96/615 Bonds - Global
Manager Return
95 Dirk Frohnert 2.9%
96 Torgeir Høien 2.9%
97 Linda Raggi 2.9%
98 Rick Patel 2.9%

Total Return

Month by Month Performance

Quarterly Performance

to 31/03/2016 Annual Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
2016 -1.5%
2015 5.0% 5.7% -7.1% 5.1% 1.8%
2014 23.9% 2.7% 6.0% -0.7% 14.7%
2013 9.2% 4.0% 4.2% 0.6% 0.2%
2012 6.1% 0.3% 3.2% 1.5% 0.9%
2011 3.4% 1.3%

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