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Latest News - Raphael Kassin

EM Insider: what investors need to know about Venezuela

Our EMD expert looks at the key questions facing the crisis-hit country.

‘All hell will break loose’: EM insider on Brazil’s new crisis

Our man-on-the-ground gives his insight into the fallout from the country’s latest political corruption scandal.

EM Insider: an outsider view on the snap UK election

Our developing world correspondent on Theresa May’s June gamble.

Lula latest: EM insider on protests, power games & impeachment

Our man on the ground runs the rule over the latest machinations in Brazil’s on-going political drama.

EM insider: why Lula’s detention has Brazil bulls charging

Our man on the ground looks at what the ex-president's involvement in on-going corruption investigations means for investors.

EM insider: there may be trouble ahead but keep your powder dry

Raphael Kassin weighs the investment pros and cons as crunch time approaches for a number of emerging economies.

Kassin: why it pays to invest in EM debt now more than ever

Our emerging market insider uncovers the developing world’s winners and losers from this superpower struggle

EM insider: why blind faith won't save Brazil's IG status

Falling GDP, rising crime, increasing levels of bankruptcy are still paramount issues, says Raphael Kassin.

EM insider: tyrannical turn-offs and Brazil's social volcano

EM debt expert Raphael Kassin is keeping a wary eye on the increasing despotism that is marring emerging market investment opportunities.

Don’t hold your breath for a US rate hike

Our EM debt specialist outlines what Brazilian farce, Argentine intrigue and recovering oil prices mean for bond investors, and why the US won’t be raising interest rates just yet.