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Latest News - Michael Lipper

Lipper: what links Berkshire Hathaway & the Art of War?

The Wall St veteran digs into military history to unearth a familar strategy at play.

Lipper: why I'm focusing on China..and so should you

Comey's firing is simply too short-term to matter, warns the veteran investor, as the EM power player is here for the long haul.

Michael Lipper warns of liquidity crisis in ETFs

Wall St veteran says sudden sentiment shifts could sink passive products.

Lipper: what we learned from Buffett & Munger

The Wall St veteran reports back from Berkshire Hathaway's annual event.

Lipper: the fallacy of investment certainties

Why the future is never as clear as it seems in politics, economics and beyond.

Lipper: how to properly diversify portfolios

Why adapatability and previous pain can help build far-reaching approaches.

Lipper: why there's the wrong focus on France

The Wall St veteran says investors may be looking in the wrong area.

Lipper: what's keeping me up at night

The Wall St veteran reveals the near and long-term worries to watch out for.

Lipper: three psychological inputs you can't ignore

How to get the balance between value, income and growth for your investment time horizon.

Lipper: reading what there is and what there isn't

The Wall St veteran on what you need to know about China, US and passive investing.