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New Year’s Resolutions: four selectors’ 2018 hopes and fears

Will top investors be focusing on more esoteric funds or finding old favourites in the year ahead?

Six selectors name their best boutique bets

Citywire Selector uncovers the unexplored seams of talent and smaller independent operators fund buyers are backing.

Citywire Paris 2017: photos from the selector event

Images from the one-day meeting of top investors and asset allocators in the French capital.

Citywire Berlin 2017: photos from the final day

BERLIN: Selection of the best images from the closing sessions of Citywire's flagship event for international fund buyers.

Citywire Berlin 2017: opening day of the flagship event

BERLIN: A selection of images from the conference of the year for international fund buyers.

Black Monday memories: when Dan Fuss punched the air in joy

In an exclusive series to mark 30 years since the monumental crash, Citywire speaks to the top talent who lived through it.

Five selectors share their top systematic strategies

With algo-led investing becoming mainstream, we asked fund buyers how they are tapping into the robotics revolution.

Citywire Switzerland 2017: photos from the event’s closing day

GSTAAD: Images from the final sessions of the major event for Swiss fund selectors.

Swiss shots: photos from day one of Citywire Switzerland 2017

GSTAAD: Images from the opening sessions of the major Swiss investment event.

Picking the next Pictet Robotics: six selectors' top thematic funds

Finding a future favourite in niche areas is a tough task. Here's how leading investors are facing up to the challenge.